Thursday, August 25, 2005

Nothing Daily About This Gorrilla

Nothing daily about gorilla dunk as of late I’ve been in the lab, writing and creating and I can earnestly say its coming together. I got the crew I need to bleed this right make it so tight not leave one detail or oversight. Excite yes that’s me since I landed years ago in DC alls I wanted was my story to be heard, to learn from my burns and discern what you can laughing all the way. And the soundtrack, there goes the hood.

I have for the first time in this process actual goals that keep me writing on track and focused. I forgot to take my Ritalin this AM.

Anyway I hope to finish the entire re-write of Freshman year by Sep 1st. For those of you who don’t know this book covers my high school career. The first chunk is me actually emerging out of Junior High, intro’ing the family and some other get started shit.

Anyway Sep I want to crush Sophomore year, Oct Junior year and November Senior year – difficult and aggressive timetable but I’m into it.

With my tripod of editors reviewing each grade after I’ve finished it will take me a week or so to review notes and make changes. So around holidays after another month of polishing etc I’d like to think I’m ready for an actual editor or maybe just set to shop it.


Playing in your summer dreams

Not that I be putten in work

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